Data Enthusiasts

We’re data nerds

and no, we’re not even remotely sorry.

You know what they say, curiosity killed the… wait, what?

Curiosity is what drives us, and we don’t just mean us here at Allihopa. Since the dawn of humankind, it has been curiosity that has been responsible for all of our progress. Without curiosity, we’d all still be walking everywhere and this website wouldn’t exist.

Your brand is no different

Think of Allihopa as that one friend who is always asking questions – you know, the one who always seems to know exactly what you’re thinking and has this uncanny ability to remember what you said you were doing last Tuesday at 4:15pm.

Before we do anything, we are going to ask you a lot of questions. We want to understand you and your brand, your people, your vision, your ‘why’, your journey, even your morning coffee preferences (we like ours strong and black, please…)

Your brand, and your reason for doing whatever it is that you do, is our number one priority. Numbers, data, analysis, interviews, tours, in-house shadowing, day-to-day phone support, all of this is part and parcel of gaining that level of understanding.

Whether it’s analysing your last month’s worth of blog posts, researching key words or interviewing your front-of-house team, Allihopa will seek out whatever there is to know about your brand before making any recommendations.

Because curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it only made it stronger.