How to build a Buyer Persona for your startup

And how does it help your business.

Are you spending lots of money on Marketing with NO result? Let’s start from the basics. In order to have successful Marketing campaigns you need to know who you are targeting by Building a Buyer Persona But… What is a Buyer Persona? and How do I build a Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is how you find your ideal customer by creating a client profile o customer avatar. In this video, we are going to do an idea client exercise and teach you how to create your ideal customer profile from scratch.

This is a lesson on Marketing 101 that would help you build a buyer persona for your startup in no time whatsoever.

In this video we will walk you through the steps to build a buyer persona that works for your business:

A buyer persona is actually a profile that will help you when you’re building your communication and to have the best idea who, what, where, when to communicate with your audience.

With this profile, you will have all of the information in just one place when you’re building your communication.

Have a long thought about what type of customers do you want to attract. And tshis is important because you want to talk in their language, you want to be where they are and you want to communicate to them in something that relatable to them.

You can download it in the link below a free pdf where you can follow the steps with me and actually have it done together with the video.

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Here are the steps again:

1. give them an identity

The type of person that you want to communicate with, its title or position and even a name. Most of the times this is already known by looking at your previous customers.

2 think about their demographics

Are they female or male? Are they married or single? Are they young or old? This is relative to the title that you created for them.

3. look at their identifiers

Is there any particular language that they use when they’re communicating? Is there any particular social place that they hang out? Is it LinkedIn? Is it Instagram? Snapchat? wherever it is you wnt to be there.

4. Look at their goals.

You don’t want to give them your own goals. You want to understand their inner motivations so you can tap into those with your products and services. You need to think from their perspective, what would be the best possible outcome for THEM in any particular situation.

5. identify their challenges.

It will help you to find where you can help them get to where they want to go, by sorting those problems they already have.

6. how can you help them.

Have a clear proposition on how you either help them achieve their goals or help them sort their problems, that is the simplest easiest way to communicate your brand because at that point in time you have all of the information that allows you to build a proper proposition.

7. find their objections

what are the main objections that they will have to your business? because if you can build an answer to those in advance is easier to get them involved.

With this information, you build your profile and that profile is the key piece to build your communication.

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What is Content Marketing?

And how does it help your business.

The modern-day consumer is discerning, and in a world of pop-up adverts and ever-improving ad-blockers, the brand that stands out is the brand creates genuine value for their customers.  

The basis of a good content marketing strategy is to create content that communicates your message in a way that speaks to your audience.

Content marketing video

As we’re curious souls, we ask a lot of questions, really taking the time to understand each brand’s message. Building a clear picture of you, your clients and your market, is the first step towards creating structured content experiences that really resonate with the right people.

We create all sorts of different content – from visually impactful video and still images, to featured articles, ebooks and informal blogs – and our team has an in-depth understanding of the different promotional channels.

The internet is a vast place, and it’s important that any piece of content you do create, whether it is owned, paid or earned, is utilised and amplified to the fullest. We collaborate with other brands, influencers, bloggers and writers to ensure maximum visibility for your content library – in other words, maximum bang for your buck.

We have a saying here at Allihopa – “create content with a purpose” And that’s what we do.

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