Social music

A social jukebox

And so much more.

Ourdio is a social music app that makes music fun, not only to listen to, but also to add to the playlist. With Ourdio music is now a popularity contest where the song with the highest vote gets played next. Winner takes it all and will be featured for everyone to see and get the most out of the social recognition.

Ourdio came to us for help. They had the product and some organic user growth but they were in the dark about their user behaviour, target audience and the marketing plan and -strategy was non-existing. And now they wanted to attract and retain more users.

Thanks to, Ourdio is now growing rapidly. We would never be where we are today if it weren’t for’s methodologically approach and keen insights on marketing and clear communication. We feel very confident on our next big marketing campaign, because we now have with us all the way.
– Anders Holm-Jensen, CEO @

We helped Ourdio grow their user base and customer awareness and within 3 months from campaign start we had increased their user base times 15 and had created a vibrant and engaging community of social music lovers on multiple social media.

What we did

Marketing strategy

We did all the groundwork and mapped out personas, channels and optimized the customer journey.

Community Building

Through a series of well-thought, well-planned and well-executed ideas and marketing content creations we helped build up a community based on the shared values of the customers mapped out in the marketing strategy. This proved to be vital for Ourdio’s success.

Content Distribution

We helped Ourdio to find the right content to the right channels and with our expertise in social media we managed to get the campaign to go viral with almost zero marketing spend.

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