Soul Yoga-Pilates

Yoga that expands the heart

amplified worldwide with Social.

Soul, yoga-pilates is a boutique yoga studio in Villasar de Mar, Barcelona. it is run by the influencer Veronica Noli. Passionate about healthy living and spiritual development, Veronica wanted to get her message beyond the borders of her small studio.


Veronica came to us for help. She had a vision and some organic growth. She wanted to touch the lives of many other people. She understood the power of Social Networks and she was extremely customer-centric but her strategy was not completely defined.

Content creation is daunting. I was posting constantly but the results were not as I hoped for. There was no consistency or brand recognition, every post was like starting again from the very begining. Judie gave context and a strategy to implement and the results started to show in as little as days.
– Veronica Noli, CEO @ Soulyogui

We helped Soul to define their ideal customer and create a brand image recognizable all over the net. We helped them build communities that create business and opportunity with constant communication between the business and their fans. She is now considered an influencer in her space with numerous brand deals under her belt and getting business for her courses all over the world.

What we did

Created a buyer persona

We did all the groundwork and mapped out personas and channels to optimize her customer journey. Our objective was to understand who did she wanted to talk to and how to better communicate with these people, so her message would resonate with all of the people and communities in the niche.

Marketing strategy

As soon as we understood who we were talking to, we marked and define clear objectives for the brand. We wanted to have a united front in every single network pointing to exactly the same objectives and sending exactly the same message although using different types of content.

Content training and automation

Veronica was very active already, but she wanted to do more, get to more people and stay connected. Her problem was not enough hands or time and lack of technical knowledge. We sorted that using latest technics, tips and trick that automated her content creation and customer communications.

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